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Friday, August 19, 2005


Well here it is Friday night and the start of another weekend. I am at Bonny's right now babysitting just have gotten all the kids down. No trouble at all there they all went to bed very well. Bonny helped me today install Quicken to help me with starting a new budget for me. At the most everything got installed excepts for a few problems but I am going to have to call my bank and found out why my checking account wont download. But that is my goal for the next little while to save money and get out of the little debt that I am in.

Looking forward to Hannah coming on Monday for the week. I am taking Wednesday afternoon off to go to the beach and anything else she wants to do.

Well i hope you enjoy your weekend I am going to. Here is a picture of Mom with Reid (he is visiting) and Adam.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mary's blog

Due to technical problems Mary had to change her blog address. Her new one is Mary added a 50 to her address.

She has new posts on it.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

a day in a life

Well hello everyone. Even though I should be working I thought I post a quick one. Joan left on Tuesday after being here for 2 wks. Bobby and family came back on Tuesday from camping at the beach. They will leave tomorrow. Plus today Patrick and his family will be stopping by with their new baby. I will take pictures and then post them. June bought a picture he is a cute one with lots of hair. Mary, Star and I went to the mall last night to look for Star a dress for a military ball she has to go to in December. She was trying to get ideas. Some were nice but some were pretty ugly. We are going to go to the Topanga mall tonight and go to Nordstrom see what they have to offer. We did find a couple of dresses even on sale but not any in her size (is that not all the case).

On the home front Mom is doing fine we are still trying to get the garage done. It has turned into a weeks project. We have already filled on bin up with trash. David kind of fixed the fence at least bought the poles back up. Mom did not like how it looked and she is not ready for it to torn down.

Well back to work I go. Love you all.

Monday, August 08, 2005

org picture

this is the orginial picture Barbara was talking about on her blog I scanned with a picture of grandma Stevens (Mom's mom). I could not figure out how to chop it.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Family reunion

these people were the picture taken when lyn went on his mission. the old one was taken at our house with Granpa Clayton (Peter)

then one with mom and her kids that was there

I took 66 pictures so if anyone wants to burn them a cd let me know



that is me in line the first time for space moutain. the other one is mikey on top of the mountain

Some pictures

Mike with mom, mary & Joan

Mike with bonny and her family and me

More news

Hey Folks!

I have had a busy couple of weeks so now there is a lull between visitors an since it is sunday I figured I would sit down and write a little of what has been happening.

First Mike came to visit for a couple of days. I picked him up on Sunday at the convention center and then went to church after church Camilla (Paul's wife) and Mary came to visit. Monday I went to work Mike hung out with Mom and Joan. That night Mike, Joan and I went and saw Bad News Bears I am glad Mom did not go she would have hated in fact she would have asked to go home. It was funny but the language was horrible. Not just for Billy Bod Thorton but the kids in the movie swore all thru the movie. Then on Tuesday I had to the day off so Mike and I went to visit Bonny in Malibu. Mike wanted to see her house. Mom and Joan was suppose to go with us, but we woke up to ants plus the bee man was suppose to come to clean up the leftover bees. So it was just Mike & I. Then we came back home he talked Mindy and did some wash. Then we went to Wendy's for dinner (the screwed up my order and gave me a pass for 2 free combos) Mary was with us then we went to the airport to pick up his friend Adam and then I took them to their hotel.

Wednesday I went to Disneyland with my friend Linda and her Mom. The only reason I wanted to go was the ride the new Space Mountain. Well we got their about 11am the first line we went to was for Space we were in line for an hour and they came out and said it had broken down and to come back, so we had lunch went on a couple of rides saw the parade and then went back it was back up we were then in line for 2 hrs and got inside and the ride broke down again. They gave us fast passes this time. By this time I was mad it was crowded it was hot and I wanted to ride space mountain. So we had dinner went on some rides then went back finally at 8:20 at night i got to ride Space Mountain. It was fast and dark and fun. If there was more time I would have rode it again. Then we went and joing Becky and watch the fireworks then shopped and got home about 12 am.

The next day Bobby and family came for the night their camp site would not be ready til Friday. Bobby's grandaugther DJ (Randy's) is just as big as a minute really cute.

Then we have the job of cleaning out the garage it will takes days to finish David is making a floor the attic upstairs and that is were we are going to put most of the stuff. Here it is Sunday and it is not finished.

Saturday was the Clayton Family Reunion at Huntington State Beach. It was fun. All of Paul's kids came. Anne, Jane and Pete was there with their families. Bill, Bob, Barbara, Mary and Me with assorted grandchildren and great grandchildren. We stayed til about 5:30 then we went on home.

Well this post is super long sorry I will put the pictures on a different post.

Love to all

Friday, August 05, 2005

Learned something new

As we were cleaning out the garage last night David found some trains in the attic. I never knew that Daddy loved trains. Bobby and Joan and David seemed to know but I had no clue. Bobby was saying he loved to go to muesum and see trains. So it is true you can learn something new everyday!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Blogs

Just a note to tell you about 2 new blogs. Joan has one & I will write more by the end of the week about our visit with mike and my trip to disneyland. with pictures and such. have a nice day and remember i love you all.