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I live in Southern CA.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yes we all here. We have a lot and I mean a lot of smoke but no flames. We dont have to leave or anything. But I hate fire season!!! Some members of our ward that live above Raindli had to evacuate. So we will see who comes to church tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She said yes

Sorry for the extra picture of Grandpa Clayton and his brother Jack I scanned them together and cant figure out how to only put on one.

But on with my story. Last night we were watching tv and saw a commercial about how some guy proposed to his girlfriend. So I turned around and asked Mom how Dad asked her to marry him, she just laughed and said I would never believe it. So of course my interest was peaked (so was Mary's).

I dont know if you older kids have ever heard the story but I had not. My Dad asked my Mom to marry him when they were on a date at Forest Lawn in Glendale. They were looking at the statues there. I asked what kind of date was that (at least daddy thought of interesting dates) and did she say yes or would she answer later. She said yes right away. She thinks it was the spring (she did not remember when) and they were married that August. So even if it was a strange place in August of this year was their 68th wedding anv. So maybe getting proposed to at a cemetry is not a bad thing. Thought that was a funny family story and that I would share.

so does anyoone else have funny date stories or how they were proposed to????