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Saturday, June 24, 2006

blog address

here is a blog address for emily I got it from June

love Donna

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Update on Emily

Here is a picture of Emily.
Bobby has said she is doing well her respirator got accidently unplugged but she was breathing on her own still on o2. So they are all encouraged. Well keep you all updated bobby and june have a my space.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Bobby called me at work to tell me that Starr had the baby Emily Marie she weighs 1 lb and 6 oz and is 12"(Randy got the wrong infro at first it was not 6" but 12") long. Bobby said not to count her out she is holding her own. He did not know how Starr was because Randy had to take DJ home he had brought her to the hospital to see her Mom he had no idea that Starr would have the baby.

she is on a resiparted she takes 33 breathe and the machine does 44.

I will keep you updated.

more news

June (Bobby's wife) called me on Monday to tell me that Randy's wife Starr is in Duke University hopsital because she is having problems with her pregnancy. She is 6 mths pregnant with a little girl they will call Emily. She has been having high blood pressure problems per calmsa (sp) used to be called blooding toxicsema. Her blood pressure has been high so they put her in the hospital.

June just called me Starr is having the baby right now. The baby has a 80-90 % chance of living. June will let me know when she has more information. The doctors did want to wait at least 3 weeks but they needed to take her now.

I cant believe how much has been happening in our family lately. I do agree with Barbara we had such good luck with accidents, babies and such. But with prayer and good thoughts hopefully all will be well.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Like Barbara I am having problems posting pictures. Two worked the one with Adam alone and one with Mom. The other two are with mom adam and reid. Then David and family having dinner on the day adam graduated. I will again The other picture is on Mothers day Fred did the b-q and we had fun.

Big Weekend

Hello Folks

Sorry it has been so long since I have written. The weekend had a lot going on. First Reid come down from St George with Brenda for Adam's high school graduation. Yes folks both of David's children have now graduated from Granada Hills High School.
Mom went but there was not enough tickets so I stayed home. I watched the spelling bee on tv that was interesting there was not one word that I knew. Pictures of Adam and family will be at the bottom of this message.

Next Friday night I went and saw MI3 okay but not great too long. Then on Saturday I had to go to traffice school. Yes I got a ticket in March. Tired to use the internet school but could never figure it out. So I made a appt to go to traffice school for 8 hrs. The only problem other than boredom was the a/c did not work so I melted from 8:30 am to 5:15 pm. I picked the Comedy Traffic school but the teacher was not funny. In fact as I said he was boring. The class went long because according to him he has to lecture for 400 minutes questions and comments do not count. And of course many people had questions and comments. The guy next to me was a retired Deputy how he got a ticket I dont know he said he did not have his badge on him.

Of course Sunday went to church and taught my primary class. Always fun they are great kids.

Here is some news in case you have not heard. Kevin's (Lyn son) wife Cristy is having a baby I think in August. Jennifer's (Lyn's daughter) daughter Nastha got baptized on Saturday. Also Charlis's son Jared graduated from Westminster cume laude. And Richard 's son Curtis is getting married August 16th to a girl with 2 small children Richard and Julie are exicted. I will not be able to go since I will be out of the country at that time. Yes I am still waiting for my passport. The govert is slow.