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Thursday, October 22, 2009


I went to the doctor on Tuesday and my ankle is 100% healed, but still swollen and I still have to walk with crutches even though I am using 1 now. I start physical therapy tomorrow and I have to go twice a week. I am walking on it now with the boot and without the boot. She (the lady at the therapist) said it would hurt. But it is really stiff but it has been 10 weeks since I have done anything too it.

So I will let you know how it all goes.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jared and Family

Mom with Kristen and her sister Jen

Mom with Jared and family and bottom Mom with Abby, Clare and Jacob

They came down to go on a cruise out of San Diego The Mexican Rivera. It was a short visit just one day but a very nice one.