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Wednesday, December 28, 2005



Monday, December 26, 2005


mom with tree Christmas eve

mom with Tami Keli (Ryan) Jami (Trevor)

mom with Adam

Christmas Day

I will try this again we had a nice Christmas Eve and Day. Christmas Day my friend Carma Lu come over for dinner and we watched Mr Kruger Christmas. Then the next day we went to church David son Adam gave a excellent talk on having a testimony of the Saviour. Then we came home and was starting breakfast but David and family came in to do presents so by the time we had breakfast open gifts and such it was 3:30 pm. Then at 5 Mary came with her 3 girls Keli Jami and Tami. with husbands kids and boyfriends. then david and family came over to. It was noisy but fun. Then this morning I got up early and went to Target Mavrins and Bed Bath and Beyond home by 8 am went back to sleep til 10:30 am then cleaned out the pantry. it was a good day but back to work tomorrow

laker game

I am bit slow blame Christmas. Last Tuesday I had a chance to go to the Laker game that Kobie scored 62 pts at really it was the Kobie vs Dallas Mavs it seems no other Laker scored much. Here are few pics of that game

Here is one of mom on Christmas eve

Monday, December 19, 2005

Merry Christmas flowers

Here are the flowers that Dale & Alice sent to Mom she got 2 of them. The flowers are in red sleighs. Momsays thanks and that she loves them and you guys.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas I am not I need to go upstairs and wrap presents I should have done last night but I played with my ipod all night.

Merry Christmas

Hello Everyone

Just a note from Mom and I to wish you all a Merry Christmas

Just to show you we did put up a tree (yes it was done just yesterday)

Love donna & mom

Sunday, December 11, 2005

trying again

here are some more pictures one of chas mom nephew and one of mom and her brother steve one of amanda and her husband josh one of mom and eric before he left and the last of pheobe with porter calvin and henry at porter b-day party

more pictures

More news


I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. Lots of things happen. Work has been super busy, went to Utah for Hester wedding it was great. It was nice to see to everyone. It was cold and rainy. But the wedding was really pretty and great we were so happy for her. Then work got really busy and I had to work overtime and such plus trying to get my Christmas shopping done in a timely manner I am almost done. Just a few more things. Plus I have a work Christmas party Wednesday night. I am going to post some pictures one is of Mom on the subway we went to see the musical White Christmas it was a gift from my friend Carma Lu. We took the Orange line to the subway and the subway to Pantages. Plus we had dinner at Barbara's and I took some pictures of Mom with Harry's kids. Enjoy.


this is just a test to show mary something