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I live in Southern CA.

Monday, September 26, 2005

David leaving

David got called up to go to LA to help with the clean up. He left this morning Diane got a called today from David saying he was there. The should be gone til about the end of November if all goes well. These pictures were taken at his National Guard place the first one is him and Diane the next one is of us. Nothing much new for me. I went to the Women's Broadcast on Saturday is was a really good program. We had a dinner before we went and saw it. Camille came out and went with Mom and Mary and me. Mom is doing well also. Love to all

Monday, September 12, 2005

i know i am slow

Hello everyone

Yes i am still here. It has been awhile since i wrote anything. Hannah visit has come and gone. We had fun went to the movies the beach and Ikea which is the one place she really wanted to go. The beach also we went with karl and bonny and her girls. I took a half day off. It was fun I soon as I download the pictures i will put some up. We had a fun time with Hannah it was great seeing her. We have a new roof on the little house Karl come and put it up. Plus we are still cleaning out the garage. We took all the stuff out then went thru it all and now it is all back in the garage just not put away yet. This will be on going task but david will have to finish soon i want my car back in the garage. Mom and I walk every night after dinner it is nice now that is not quite so hot. Well so long for now I have to go to my laptop to post pictures and dont know how to access my pictures on my desktop. Love to all.