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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What you see on CA freeway's

A funny thing happen on the way home from the Pantages last Saturday. I had gone with Mom and Mary to get Wicked tickets for when Leslie is here with Ellen. It was cheaper to go there and buy them the go off the internet. The internet wanted to charge $12.50 a ticket. That part went fine.

But on the drive home on the 101 we came across 3 motorcylce go pass us really fast one went ahead ( I think he had a camera on the back of his bike to take pictures of the other 2, well that is my thoughts) and the other 2 pop wheelies all the way down the freeway one stayed on his back wheel for quite awhile. The second rider didnt do so well he could not maintain on the back wheel. All the cars slowed way down no one wanted to be near when they slid or fell off the bikes. The did this all way to the 5 freeway.

I wish I had had my camera so Mary could take a picture. But alas it was home.

Well that was our adventure for Saturday.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Some more of Bobby's family visit

Mom with Bobby, Randy and his girls DJ and Emily
Mom with Emily (in mom arms) and DJ
Mom with Bobby and his family.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

New but old post

this is mom with dj (randy's daughter) back in Sept 2007 just after she broke her arm.
This is mom with Emily (randy's daughter)
They came to visit in September Labor Day weekend Randy ran a half marathon at Disneyland.

I am so sorry I am so behind in my posts I really have no excuse I am just lazy. this is for Scott.

Will post more about this visit tomorrow.